Find friends on the water. Always and everywhere.

With the free Friend-Ship app, you can connect with your friends around the world and easily meet up in any port. Secure.

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"You are here"

Friend-Ship allows you to check in your boat at any port or anchorage without sharing your personal location via GPS.

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"Nice and clear"

Friend-Ship shows you your friends, sorted by ships, people and places, and displays them clearly.

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"No trouble"

Privacy: only friends can see your location. Friend-Ship is more private than AIS and more convenient than Messenger, WhatsApp or other solutions.

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"I found something"

Want to give us feedback or find a bug? You can email us or use the feedback button in the app.

Honest user feedback is very important to us in order to improve our app. We will do our best to take your wishes and suggestions into account.